Far ahead into the mist shined an armor.
Terror prevailed for it was the Immortal.
Soldered by Volcan’s burning hammer.
Achilles wore his gift festooned with laurel.

With poor Patroclus being cast into Hades.
Not withstanding a waste of so gentle a youth,
Thetis in fear that Styx would fail her schemes,
A shield so strong for her son she ordered in ruth.

Alas, all men alike have flaws, mortals or gods,
Veiled with a shield or bare, the weakness surpass.
No longer wanton of war or shedding Trojan bloods,
Taken by Polyxena’s beauty a truce was no longer impasse.

Too late, for Paris’ venomous arrow was flung,
Avenging a city and a brother; treachery may it be.
Into the un-immaculate heel of our hero fixt it hung,
And fate’s emissary arrived from afar with all but glee.


Blog art Nahar (Daylight) by Mike V. Derderian (me) from the Arabic Sci Fi (ساي فاي بالعربي) collection

Word Bubble:  Daybreak has arrived casting shadows on the land. Taih monsters are lying between the rocks. Yesterday’s victory is with us Mecha-Falcon but we have to search for the victory of today, tomorrow and the day after … so let us move …

For visual vomit check out my Behance account:


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