Cirque du Habaleeno

Posted: June 15, 2012 in beTwixt & beTween
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Got me a ticket to the Circus of Mind, where a clown called Habaleeno and his gang of misfits will perform tonight.

“Lights please! Ladies and gentlemen! I am Mustachio, the ringleader, and tonight we shall feed your thirsty and hungry imaginations with impossible feats and revelations!”

Bemused by such a proclamation I look forward to a hellish program of stupendous strength, slithering stoic beauties, sleight of hand and sly sorcery.

Pop corn, candy and refreshments in hand I peer into the void beneath my feet and between the bleachers to see stars center stage under a tattered tent, where I was once a child of life; while mean melodious music escape the intestines of brass instruments played by a demonic disfigured band.

Sardine’s Cirque du Habaleeno, from The Journal of a Little Boy Called Mee, 2012

The above is a  line from a paragraph I wrote a while ago. It is now the prelude to my up and coming solo exhibition Cirque du Habaleeno, my first, at Jacaranda Images Art Gallery. I have a  lot of work to finish before this Sunday: 10 A2 portraits and two landscapes.

Will post the invitation card, where you can read the adjusted paragraph and learn more about my exhibition, here once it is ready :-})


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