“It never rains but it pours!”

So they say …

But I know … better!

Life in the past few months threw some rather interesting challenges in my face.

I am not going to talk about these challenges as this is not a rant blog. However, I am going to talk about my latest project Rock Arabical, part of my work as an illustrator.

My background in radio, love of music and my work as a Disc Jockey, I’ve been working at Radio Jordan 96.3 FM since 2003, were the main reasons that I started this design series.

I am not a type designer but I am a t-shirt designer. I now have over 20 t-shirt designs and merchandise with Mlabbas, a t-shirt company based in Amman, Jordan.

Rock Arabica is a typography and logo design series through which I turned renowned rock band logos into Arabic ones.

The best part about producing these rock band logos was the challenge I faced in maintaining the spirit of the original design by using the geometry and angles of the original logos. 

My project on Behance:


The designs that you are about to see were all created using Adobe Illustrator CS5 (the construct of the type) and finished with Adobe Photoshop CS5 (the distress layer).

Remember: Never go full distress on a design as it is an overkill!

Hope you love them enough to buy the t-shirt ;-})

Mike V. Derderian,
Writer, Illustrator & Designer,

Iron Maiden Arabic by Mike V. Derderian

Led Zeppelin Arabic Full by Mike V. Derderian

Pink Floyd Arabic by Mike V. Derderian

Nirvana Arabica by Mike V. Derderian

Def Leppard Arabic by Mike V. Derderian

Savatage Arabic by Mike V. Derderian

Opeth Arabic by Mike V. Derderian

Black Sabbath Arabic by Mike V. Derderia

The Doors Arabic by Mike V. Derderian

AC DC Arabic by Mike V. Derderian

Metallica Arabic by Mike V. Derderian

Queen Arabic by Mike V. Derderian

  1. whymyeye says:

    Ha! These are great… Some I’m still trying to work out! Good one, Sardine. How much for the T’s?

    • mikevderderian says:

      Hello :-})

      The tees are sold for 12 JDs at Mlabbas at their store at 28 Rainbow St. and their Mall Kiosk at City Mall.

      Glad you liked them.

      • whymyeye says:

        Gee I was hoping they were available online. Thanks for the info. If I’m ever in Jordan I’ll be sure to look in on Mall iosk.

      • mikevderderian says:

        That is my fault. I am supposed to open my online store. Been trying to do so for ages. The moment i do so you will be the first to know :-})

        Again thanks :-})

      • whymyeye says:

        I’m going to hold you to that!

  2. Laila Nemer says:

    These are awesome. Was searching for arabic designs and the metallica one came up. I have a project where I have to search for 10 best Arabic designs and your name will definitely be one of them (if you don’t mind of course)
    Great job. Really. You should start making t-shirt and sell as a start. I’ll be the first to buy.

  3. Matt Reid says:

    These are remarkable!! I love how you kept the integrity intact with many of them…also, put the Queen crest under your adaptation of their logo on a shirt, and you’ve got yourself a customer! I won’t mind paying the shipping costs to the US!

  4. Tba says:

    Definite. Need. Sign me up for the Opeth & Maiden! Are you shipping yet?

  5. Scott K says:

    How do I buy your shirts! Saw Metallica Arabic version in Abu Dhabi at F1 and searching ever since – please post link

  6. mohamed says:

    can i draw all of them on my wall ?

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