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مع وحوشي

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Ghashawa Ep. 1

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Ghashwa [غشاوة]

ذهب مع الريح

No Samoking …

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The Wrong Crowd

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Self-censorship …

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Anger is good …

Posted: March 14, 2011 in beTwixt & beTween

By Homo sapien …. .. ………

– Not suitable for the faint of heart –

Another notch on the wall. Another cockroach dead. Shit happens especially if you have six feet, a crusty body and can fit under the sole of a shoe. Try to evolve before the next century!

Long time I know. Well I still haven’t found the answer to that cursed question: Why would a cockroach go into a bathroom? Any clue … Thought so! But if you have an idea feel free to interrupt me.

I don’t have a thing against this city: My city. I have a thing against its people. The Japanese are breathing life into electronic chips and here in this part of the world people still argue if the channel settings on your magic box, that keeps you glued to your seat and miss out on the moon, should be in Arabic or English.

Others in this city and very stupidly still play on the race and origins card whenever someone shouts reform. Fuck you you piece of shit lowlife! How dare you play with my birthplace. Who gave you the right to say who stays and who goes you cunt! Born and raised in this city, and in this country, means you are from this city, and from this country. Period! Then again that’s just my opinion and I won’t shove it down one’s throat without a glass of water.

I decided that in order for you to get through this post sane I will limit my word count to 500 words + 100 maybe, more or less. But I won’t exceed 700 words. Don’t want to lose your short attention span.

Yeah I am a self righteous bastard who thinks he knows it all. Me against the world. Well let us say when it comes to the things i know; I know a little but not that much but enough to get me by in this rat and roach infested city.

Woke up the other day feeling squished by the weight of an invisible force. I felt tired and exhausted. For the past few months I was running around like a man standing on a treadmill that refuses to stop. I even stopped using blankets so as to reduce the weight of the dreams that are pinning my head to the dump pillow.

I also placed scissors under my mattress so as to clip the wings of thieving seraphs that dare visit my room in order to take me on a nightly flight. “Away with your gilded dreams of fancy and eternity. Why take me to all these tremendous heights of emotional color and light, at night, when you know you shall bring me down at dawn, and leave me experiencing nothing but mortal misery.”

To be continued or not …

Where in Amman would you like to see Michael Knight and KITT stenciled?