Posted: July 14, 2012 in beTwixt & beTween

No one expected the surfacing of a second sun especially the inhabitants of a certain blue and green planet at the edge of the universe. Seraphima found herself on a course to the place she loved most: Earth.

Tired of the company of warring gods, who find joy in ploys that turn men, women and children into toys, she decided to visit a former lover. There was a sense of innocent familiarity to the darkness and stillness of the space through which she traveled, and that enveloped her sinewy alabaster figure; it was similar to the emotion that flows through a child’s body as he reenters the home he/she have been away from for a while.

“Soon I will find myself amidst those lovers of life,” thought Serphima. “So short is their lives yet so meaningful. Wish Arev Shad saw through my eyes! Maybe he has; maybe he refuses to see.”

Suddenly this goddess of light found her self remembering the words of a song written by a person she once knew, a lyricist and a musician, called Ashcroft.

“Check the Meaning!” She was most certainly checking the meaning; her own meanings. A long voyage to the place you love gives you a lot of answers. The last thought painted a smile on her face as her tattered wings cut through the void.

What an odd instance! A centuries old immortal remembering the words of a mortal, one of thousands she knew.

Check the meaning … Always!


Illustration by Mike V. Derderian

Word bubble translation: Deprive them not of your light Arev Shad!


  1. I will/shall strive to check the meaning 1st and utmost 🙂

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