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Last night, December 15, 2012, was the final day of the Karama Film Festival. I did not attend any of the film screenings. I stopped attending cultural activities around Amman a year and a half ago. I guess not wanting to see anyone is one reason; the other reason is work related: I’d rather work on a t-shirt design, an illustration for a comic book character or write a piece of literature.

Some people are just a waste of time and sincere emotions!

So this is what I have been doing lately: I would go to an exhibition hall prior to opening and enjoy going through the exhibited works piece by piece as I did with the exhibition Karama, Where To? that was held part of the festival’s week long activities.

If I was still writing for The Star Weekly I wouldn’t have dared write about this impressive exhibition as I am part of it. However, since this is a blog post I am afraid to say that I forgot my journalistic objectivity in the pocket of my other coat.

What I find most fascinating is how many bloggers haven’t written or mentioned the holding of this exhibition. I guess writing about the amazing works of young Arab artists, graphic designers and comic artists is not as self-gratifying as writing a piece about boycotting Israel and having it spread through the very same self absorbed social grapevine.

This exhibition, that held the works of artists like  Amer Amin / Amer Shomali / Ammar Abo Bakr / Amr Fahed / Abd Alraheem Arjan / Asma Ghanem / Diala Brisly / Fares Cachoux / Hilda Hiary / Jawad Hamdan / Khaled Jarrar / Majd Abdelhamid / Maya Terro / Marwan Shahin / Mohammed Abu Elnaga / Mohammed Abu Afefa / Mohammed Joha / Mohammad Omran / Monther Jawabreh / Mostafa Jarrad / Nidaa Badwan / Rima Al Mozayen / Shadi Al Zaqzouq / Tarzan & Arab / Wisam Al Jaziri/ Yara Al Najim and myself, was about voicing our visual thoughts about Arab Spring and where we think the Middle East is heading.

For me personally I see this period more of an Arab winter and summer is still far ahead. The call for this exhibition was a way of standing up to bullshit through our work, be it written, drawn or performed!

This is what many of the participating artists did; they called bullshit by its name and I am quite proud to have my works, the four pieces that I contributed, Nippon Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, Gaza Dolls and Propaganda, hanging next to the works of such amazing artists.

This was the message that I discussed with Rashid Abdelhamid, Alhoush founder, and Jasmine Melvin-Koushki, a curator at Alhoush, who co-organized this exhibition with Miss Sawsan Darwazeh (The Karama Film Festival).

Anyway I hope you enjoy the snippets that I took of the exhibited works that you can find in full by clicking on Alhoush’s Karama, Where To? Facebook folder.

Please note: Each piece is followed by the name of its artist.




By Mohammad Omran



By Marwan Shahin



By Amer K Amin



By Amer Shomali


By Jawad Hamdan




By Maya Terro



By Shadi Al Zaqzouq


By Mohammad Abu Afefa


By Yara Al Nejem



By Diala Brisly


By Majed Abdelhamid


By Mohammed Abu Elnaga


By Amro Fahed


By Ammer Abo Bakr


By Monther Jawabreh


By Wissam Al Jazairy


By Rima Al Mozayen


By Nida Badwan


By Tarazan and Arab



By Moahmmad Haja


By Yara Al Najem


By Asma Ghanem




On a final note thank you Al Housh and The Karama Film Festival for using my illustration for the exhibition poster ;-})

All photographs were taken by Mike V. Derderian save for the in which he is shown and that one was taken by Nesrin Mousa Derderian :-})