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Hello all,

So according to a quick run through my WordPress stats I have 66 living and breathing beings following my blog.

I wish to thank you all for your interest in my words and false wisdom.

It has been a while since I posted anything worthwhile. In the past two years I took an oath not to partake in any political discourse or social critique.

Why? I am too busy drawing lines and chasing after my livelihood.

There are many things in life that you cannot shake off: You being a writer and a radio person.

It has been a good year – minus the French scenery in France and Marion Cotillard – if you know your cinema you will get the reference.

However, I am blessed with a woman who is as lovely as Marion. I don’t talk much about my personal life as I try to let my work talk about myself as much as I can.

So yes it has been a good year. I am now a news reader and editor at Bliss 104.3, where I find myself surrounded by creative decent people. I’ve been working on expanding my art studio F.A.D.A. 317 and a couple of other projects.

I also haven’t stopped doing graffiti. There is something liberating about spraying your lines on a wall in Amman – it cuts the middleman and places your work for observation by thousands of people.

Following an artistic cultural trip to the U.K., compliments of the British Council, I started a blog dedicated to graffiti.

I called  it Spray Rocket Ape: Graffiti JO + and even designed the banner – since my side career is now all about illustration.

Sprayrocketape banner by Mike V. Derderian

I have a thing for apes;-})

Anyway … time for me to get back to designing album art for a client.

So here is the link to Spray Rocket Ape and I hope I can get to blog a little more.

Stay sound and sane …

Mike V. Derderian, a.k.a. Sardine.


The Devil Rocks

“Please allow me to introduce myself …” *

The above is a very quick illustration bemoaning the state of media in Jordan …

In a nutshell, Project Pen did some wall stencils around Amman, and that were sadly mistaken for secret subliminal signs left by cat slaughtering devil worshipers, or as our over zealous media and journalists likes to refer to as Satanists.

For the actual story, more like ignorant sensationalist load of bullshit, which is in Arabic, press on this blue magical link:

So my question to you Mr. & Mrs. Intellectual: What do you do when faced with such a shameless story published in a respectable newspaper?

The reason I am saying it is respectable because I worked there for eight years with its sister newspaper The Star Weekly. Maybe the newspaper took a wrong turn over the years like our educational system that is rearing ignorance and lack of human morals among other things; ignorance that will haunt our society in the future in the form of clueless citizens.

Well, you don’t just publish a status condemning it as stupid and other adjectives that come into mind. Okay, maybe you do that but after just doing that, you pick up the telephone and call the head of the local news department who allowed the piece to get published.

Here is the number:

06 560 8000

Now make some noise before this turns into a witch hunt; and all graffiti and stencil artists are turned into moving targets by ignorant minds!

Since many, including administrators from Project Pen, have probably contacted the editor and the head of the local news department at Addustour, and in fear this black stain in the face of journalism will be removed as if nothing happened here is a screen shot of the actual piece of unprofessional journalism.

Yalla, let us make that ignorant journalist regret the minute he decided to author a sensational piece that feeds on ignorance and fear of the different: Fear of art and freedom of expression.

* The opening line from The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil …


I know …

Why haven’t I been writing more blog posts? I apologize for that. I’ve been busy illustrating. I will always be a writer. At the moment I am focusing more on my life as an illustrator and a comic artist.

So, meet Graffbot Vol. 012 …

It was really hard not to talk or post anything about this.


I guess I wanted to know if I was going to be able to pull off a free-hand spray paint street art piece of this size that was not a stencil or a wheat-paste. By the way I did this a few months ago.

This has been in the planning for a week part of a Street Art/Graffiti project with British Street Artist Stik: and with the British Council.


Thank you Wesam a.k.a Wise One for involving me in this project that allowed me to meet amazing young Jordanian graffiti artists like Suhaib, Musalam, Adi, Sen and Mohannad.

My job as a writer and an illustrator is to help instill imagination in the minds of youth. This is why I choose to draw a robot that sprayed the word “bekh” and that translates to “spray” on the wall.

I cannot say if doing this piece achieved that but I sure enjoyed hearing the kids of Jabal Al Qal3a gasp in astonishment at this mechanical behemoth. I am also not sure if it still there.

Another thank you goes out to Mike ‘Khalid’ Rahmeh and Nahla Tabba from An Urban Reflection for getting me the permission that allowed me to spray paint this wall.

P.S: Will try to publish more meaningful posts that does not reflect the mad recluse I am turning into through my illustrations and short stories.

I just remembered; on a different note I’ve been writing stories in Arabic. If you are interested in reading some pieces please visit my Thoughts From Within a Sardine Can FB page.