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Election Symbols

Sometimes a stupid concept that is utilized in an inane democratic process requires a stupid design!

This is definitely one of those moments in life where something had to be done …

Jordan’s 17th parliament just got elected and many candidates had different symbols inserted in their visually impaired and eye polluting campaign boards that were hang around our city – one candidate had a nice little horsie as an electoral symbol. How cute!

Our parliament is a waste of public funds and is morally bankrupt; and I believe the above symbols should have been among the symbols used.

Jordanian citizens sadly know the true mettle of many candidates, and know that they are paying the lifelong salaries of inept politicians, yet they fail to oust them and ban them from representing us.

So I guess you now know where I stand from parliamentary elections!

Thank you for following my blog :-})

P.S: I promise to get back to writing fiction! 


I used to think I was a Batman junkie until I met Mike Mignola’s Hellboy …

Word bubble: 

Not everyone should be in parliament. Vote for the right candidates people! Demons, like this cute fella, are everywhere.

Here is the original joke I wrote and posted on 3al Wagef’s group on FB:

In The Matrix Neo was the 6th anomaly. In Jordan the current parliament is the 16th anomaly but not in a useful and efficient way as Neo was. I don’t see any MPs stopping any machines!

The above poster is how it evolved …