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Light somehow found its way through the cracked edges. His eye lids shrank for a few seconds. A rock blocked a guarded entrance.

“So long ago,” he thought removing the covers that enshrined him. He softly rose out of bed. Night runaway but the day decided to stay. The sounds of happy children greeted him. The city was alive with familiar sounds. Thoughts of ancient Jerusalem flashed through his already crowded mind. Good morning and Happy Easter he said to his lovely wife and lovelier children.

Good morning and Happy Easter he says to you.

A few centuries ago, they say, a tomb was pushed open and a man from morbid death rose giving life hope. Today we all rose from our nightly death and into the arms of our loved ones ourselves found.

If that’s not a blessing I don’t know what is!

Apologies for not just saying a simple Happy Easter :-})