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Watchmen …

“How do you summarize a graphic novel of this magnitude? Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gobbons Watchmen is about deconstructing the caped and masked superhero genre turning them into humans with obvious and hidden fault-lines.

It also has a comic within a comic storyline. A very dense read that is worth the re-read once you are done and survived its slow pace. Introduced a new era of anti-heroes and heroes and probably influenced the current Batman graphic novels that tackled the caped crusader’s inner angst and psychological issues.

Zack Snyder’s movie was quite faithful to the graphic novel-You can say it was a panel by panel rendition. A lot of missing parts from the movie will astonish you once you start reading the book.”

I wrote the above paragraphs part of a lecture about the history of comics two years ago.  So much has happened since then. I started illustrating and drawing more.

The following images in this blog post are part of a series of minimal posters that I’ve started doing over a period of six months. They were produced using Adobe Illustrator CS5 & Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Each print (size A2 – 23.4 x 16.5 in) is from a limited edition of 100 and are available for sale at Mlabbas’ Upstairs space.


Framed: 65 JDs
Unframed: 40 JDs

I hope you liked them :-}) The below images showcase how I created them using Adobe Illustrator vectors.

When the time is right and after I finish a few projects I will return to their amazing universe with The Minutemen series as suggested by my friend Sami Nazer :-})

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