Opeth’s The Devil’s Orchard Poster by Sardine

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Art
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If I have never stopped playing guitar in 2003 I would have most probably ended up adopting the style of music that inspired this evening’s poster.

The Devil's Orchard - Opeth

Opeth’s The Devil’s Orchard has a classical timeless feel to it, especially when it comes to the guitar play. This is a song that you will continue to listen to for years to come.

The guitar echoes of despair, a human emotion that a lot of us experience every now and then; some more than others.

It reminded me of Chris Rea’s Nothing to Fear!


This is one reason why we often find solace in the despair of others – it makes us realize and without a doubt that we are all the same in the end.

This poster is a reflection of the official video. It comes part of my Cinerama, minimal series that I started producing a couple of years ago. Here is the link to the entire collection on Behance, Vol. I http://bit.ly/1ojcafX

By the way if you find my work interesting you can examine my artwork and updates on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SardineArt


From within the darkest corners of despair man found his gods and demons.

Hope you find yours!

I am finding mine with every line I write; and every line I draw.

If you know anyone who wants something different pass on my e-mail to them: mikevderderian@yahoo.com ;-})

This journalist, writer and illustrator is done fulfilling the dreams of ass wipes. Alas, this year I wasted two months on one major ass wipe. Never again! It is time for me to Catch The Rainbow as the song goes; my own rainbow.

A good day to all those who are following my lines, written and drawn. Thank you for your “Likes” and “Comments!” It means a lot to me.

Sardine, a.k.a. Mike V. Derderian, 2014

P.S: I am usually hush hush when it comes to business dealings and work experiences, especially bad ones, but this ass wipe deserved an honorable mention ;-})

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    The poster is .. scary. 😀 *said the courageous*

    I think u r right about “despair”; because we are all “it” in one phase or another of our lives then it is.. kind of OK!

    Wishing you more rainbows to catch Mike 🙂 & thanks for Rea’s clip. It was great listening to it for sure 🙂

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