What this Homo sapien Has Been Up To! (Part II)

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I really want to thank you all for following my Brick in the Head; and the bricks that I keep trying to shove down your brains.

One reason why I started this blog was to share what I, as a human being, a Homo sapien, have to say about the human condition through my own existence which is but a speck of dust in a universe filled with other specks like yourselves.

So …

I started a new job with a t-shirt company called Mlabbas. I am really enjoying it because it allows me to draw and be creative 24/7. Yes, I am designing t-shirts and working on other creative projects with Imad Shawa, Mlabbas’s general manager.

One of these projects is a monthly stencil anthology entitled Bekh.

The above illustration, Funkybot, is one of many visual manifestations that I have been vomiting in the past few months and publishing on Facebook, Behance and Deviant Art.

Even though I am illustrating and designing posters of things that I am passionate about, like science fiction, fantasy, Film Noir, fan art, freedom, the aesthetics of the female form and above all life, I don’t go around telling people I am an illustrator or a graphic designer. I am just someone who enjoys drawing and designing.

Once I have the time I am planning on re-launching my The Dark Side of the Spoon comic strip as a webcomic. I just have to finalize some work related projects.

A few months ago, maybe a year or more, I started publishing literary themed pages on Facebook through which I wanted to practice writing and translation.

Here they are:

Sleepless Samurai, a Facebook statues series and a prelude for a short comic book.

Thoughts from within a Sardine Can, a page for my Arabic writings.

Listening to Rock with Arabic Subtitles, a page through which I express my love of music, being a radio presenter at 96.3 FM, and translation.

Will share more with you soon. I hope you like my visual vomit the same way you are liking my words, lines and paragraphs.

On a more personal note my other half, Nesrin, and I are watching our lovely two mice, Amie and Andre-V, grow into amazing little beings.


Mike V. Derderian,
A Homo sapien, a writer, a comic artist and a fierce windmill slayer trying to get a hold of a banana in a world governed by apes …

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