Mustafa Tamimi: IDF Justice …

Posted: December 15, 2011 in beTwixt & beTween
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I’ve never been to Palestine and I never met  Mustafa Tamimi, who died a few day ago, after an IDF soldier, hiding inside a moving jeep, shot a tear gas canister at Tamimi’s face.

Tamimi died from his critical injury at a hospital. The ambulance was late thanks to Zionist occupation forces, who have the habit of delaying ambulances at checkpoints.

My only link to Palestine is an invented grandmother, Sato, an Armenian refugee from Yaffa, who married Michelle Khasho Derderian, a Jordanian Armenian; and the only way for me to honor Tamimi, “a protestor”, who died standing for a land I am connected too is through a short blog post and a poster.

This year’s Time Magazine cover is dedicated to “protesters” from around the world. How is this relevant to Tamimi’s tragic death?

Will Mustafa and the thousands of Palestinians, young and old, who have been protesting the occupation of their invented land with blood since 1948, ever make the cover of any American magazine?

I highly doubt it …


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