Thank you Newt Gingrish for opening our Arab eyes!  If it weren’t for this republican 2012 presidential hopeful/candidate we would have kept on living in the Matrix of our fantasies. We would have stayed caught up in an imaginary land invented by imaginary-invented people.

Finally some brave man walks up to a podium and boldly announces to the world that Palestine is not real but is a ploy invented by Arabs wanting to hold unto to a land that never was theirs.

How many Palestinians have died since 1948? None as Palestine is invented. My grandfather did not marry a woman from Yaffa as she was invented. He married a figment of imagination that was dressed up in a wedding dress hand sewn and embroidered by imaginary hands.

Wasn’t it John Lennon who said, “Imagine Palestine!”

Wasn’t it René Descartes who said, “I imagine therefore Palestine is imaginary!”

The above is a visual statement that I designed after writing a thought on my FB status about the statements of this imbecile, who might become the president of America. [An ominous Shakespearean flourish is heard across the worldly stage].

This is the original status that was in Arabic:

صباح الخير يا وطني. كيف حالك يا وطني؟ سمعت آخر خبر يا وطني؟ فلسطين طلعت خيال بخيال وكل ناسها وصحابها خياليين. حتى ستي طلعت من وحي الخيال. جدي، الله يرحمه، تزوج خيال اوهمته بأنها عروس مرتدية فستان أبيض وطرحة مزركشة باليد. وكما قال ديكارت النعسان، “أنا أتخيل إذا فلسطين غير موجودة.” حتى الخنفس جون لينون المرحوم غنى،”تخيل فلسطين!” شكلو خيال العرب واسع وإحنا ما بنعرف. شكرا للمرشح الجمهوري نيوت (سحلية برمائية) جينجريتش على إيقاظنا من احلام يقظتنا المليئة بالخيال. طب بالله عليك يا نيوت روح إنضب بالبركة المعفنة يالي طلعت منها. وفجأة ظهر مورفيوس، في مخيلة هذا الكاتب والرسام الموهوم، وقال لنيو، “فلسطين خيال بخيال، وهم إنزرع برأسك لتعيش معذب طول عمرك. خذ التحميلة اللون البمبي (زهري على فوشيا) لتعرف قديش وكر الثعلب عميق والتحميلة السكنية لتخفف حرارة جسمك وترجع لاوهامك الخيالية!” قال خيال قال دق الجواب تسمع الباب – سردين

Keep a look out for Gingrish’s 2011 list of Invented People that most probably includes: American Indians, Africans, Armenians, Circassians and Baha’is.

Please feel free to add to Gingrish list of Invented People in the comment section in case I forgot to include other invented people as it is hard to keep track of invented-imaginary people!

  1. Sadad says:

    This is absolutely brilliant! I completely agree!

    • mikevderderian says:

      Thanks Sadad :-}) Nice of you to drop by my cyber hangout!

      It was just a visual thought that popped up in my mind after the outrageous statements of this eloquent speaker whose words are turning into quick sand. Bye bye presidency or so I hope …

  2. whymyeye says:

    Actually I doubt he’d say Baha’i are invented, as that would align him with the Iranian government, and I doubt he’d want to risk it. Might jeapordise his chances of getting in bed with Israel.
    Thing is Israel better watch him cause he was getting all confused about the list of injustices Israel has experienced – or no wait, was it the US at the hands of Israel? Or was it the Turks who were abused by the Arabs? oh who can ever keep up?… He needs help with his homework.

    • mikevderderian says:

      Hala whymyeye :-})

      He didn’t mention the Bahai’s I was just trying to come up with a list of Invented People.

      I hope he doesn’t get his homework done as it would reduce the risk of having an idiot at the White House again not that it matters to people in the Middle East if he gets elected.

      People here were happy that Obama was elected. I was like, “the fuck will he do to us! Love us and help us …”

      Consecutive American Administrations don’t really give a fuck about the people in this region. They just want to cover American asses.

      It is simply a matter of To each “Country” to “Their” own …

      Guess we all have to see what will happen after the region stabilizes and until then God be with us all ..

      Pleased to meet you and thank you for posting Imagine Palestine on your Blog :-})

      • whymyeye says:

        Ahlan, habib! I don’t imagine Palestine, I KNOW Palestine. it doesn’t even make sense to me, but I love it as if it were my own, though I’ve never stepped there in my life. In the end, an Arab is an Arab is an Arab, especially when we’re in the West looking East at every sunrise.
        – and thanks for dropping in on my little blog. I’m a slow learner, but you’ve given me the kick I need to keep going.
        ‘l salaam areeb ‘nshallah – salut!

  3. Baz says:

    I did not understand a single meaningful phrase -no offense, except perhaps you trying to object the inclination of an imaginary palestine?
    I don’t get it.
    What’s the point? When did Lenon say”imagine palestine!*? And how does that in any context relate to the parody of an imaginative people? I don’t get it.
    I mean unless there is a new movement out there trying to claim palestine ‘non-existent’ or the palestinian people a ‘haux’ as imaginary people or country, then Maybe this would make a bit of sense.
    But this is too paradoxical and disjunctive for my cognition and taste; I just don’t understand what’s being said here.

    • Baz says:

      Correction: imaginary.
      I’m not assailing your blogpost, not at all. I’m just trying to understand. I say the lenon image with the “imagina palestine”, clicked and was redirected to this blog, and read through it, and got absolutely nowhere with it.
      Care to explain?

      • mikevderderian says:

        Hello A.R. Bazian.

        If you have read the first line in this blog post then you would have known that I was responding to a statement by one Newt Gingrich, who is an American former Speaker of the House and congressman. He was running for president when he came up with his ridiculous statement about Palestine and the Palestinian people.

        The following is the link to the news item about this idiot that inspired my own piece, and the illustration that depicts Mr. Lennon as saying “Imagine Palestine” :

        Mr. Lennon never said these words, and I am pretty positive that my good old friend René Descartes did not say the phrase that I quoted, or paraphrased.

        I hope it makes more sense now!

        I wrote this back in December 11, 2011 if I have the chance to write it any different I wouldn’t. I am glad it garnered your attention. Thank you for taking the time to write. If I had a good memory that enables me to memorize my own words, and a decent venue in Amman, I would have turned it into a spoken word performance.

        P.S: 26 mutual friends (some more like online acquaintances). Gone are the days of the seven degrees of separation thanks to Facebook.

        Have a most pleasant day :-})

        Mike V. Derderian

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