Some people deny it exists but it is there in their own hands: The middle finger that some of us often use when encountering idiots, especially Ammani drivers, who probably got their driving licenses through fuckin’ WASTA [nepotism, favoritism and tribalism all in one].

A new study [DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT] revealed that using the middle finger when dealing with idiotic lifeforms helps reduce heart attacks and manic depression.

Don’t deny it! Embrace it and most of all use it!

  1. Haitham says:

    I think I used my middle finger so many times while driving that the findings in your fictitious study are of no effect on my health anymore. I don’t mean to be anything less than thankful for the times when it used to work, but now I am in favor of adopting novel more sinister ways, such as hurling hard stuff or sticky bombs on erratic car drivers 😉

    • mikevderderian says:

      I used to do that all the time until someone actually decided to go Mad Max on me. People just don’t seem to get it here. You get the birdie give it back and drive away. Don’t turn into a Grand Theft Auto idiot. Now I am more cautious I flick the bird when I am positive that they won’t be able to follow me ;-})

      Same here Haitham I am contemplating having a box of eggs next to me while I am driving! Egg the idiots :-})

      Thank you for dropping by Brick in the Head by the way :-})

  2. Nancy Khair says:

    Actually it does reduce stress, especially when it is accompanied by a well aimed SPIT BALL! Does wonders!

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