Assassinating Characters

Posted: September 27, 2011 in beTwixt & beTween

It seems that our MPS endorsed a government proposed amendment to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) draft law.

Why should we care?

Hmm! How can I say this without having to pay 30, 000 – 60,000 JDs. I can’t, or maybe I won’t because my wife is expecting our second child and we have to paint our apartment (rent)  in preparation in addition to all the other things that we have to pay for at the end of the month.

Back to the article in question.  Article 23 of the draft law stipulates that “every person or party that publicly or explicitly attaches charges of corruption to others without solid facts with the purposes of extortion, slander or defamation and character assassination will have to pay no less than JD30,000 and no more than JD60,000.*”

The last thing I, bloggers, writers, journalists, Tweeters and Facebookers, want to do is pay a fine for saying that SOMEONE SOMEONE, is God forbid, corrupt. Sorry for not including political and social activists as I am just someone who wants to say his two fils about this issue.

Anyway here is a loophole in this draft law that can also be a fun game for citizens tired of corruption and bullshit, and who don’t want to publicly point the finger at anyone in office.

Are you ready? Let us all start slipping brown envelopes with the names of individuals who we think are corrupt under the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) door. Wait a minute! Since spiteful assholes (and they are many in this country) will start doing this too maybe this is not the brightest of ideas!

A few years ago I wouldn’t have given a shit of what was taking place under our dome of democracy but now, and as I grow older, less wiser probably (for writing this blog post and drawing its editorial illustration) I realize that every decision or amendment our MPs endorse will affect my life, the life of my children and their children. Still, I refuse to vote for such a parliament!

All I can say is: Don’t assassinate our own characters/personalities/and voices?

On a different note may God have mercy on my friend and colleague Ghasan Joha from The Star Weekly, who used to cover Parliament news in addition to economy and on occasions art. I am sure he would have had a lot of material to work with, just like the young and aspiring Stand Up comedians of my country, who are doing so at this very minute, thanks to a local sitcom called Parliament.

Time to pick up the mic … and do some Stand-Up Comedy!

*Paragraph as translated by the Jordan Times

*Illustration Caption:  Do Not Assassinate Our Characters

  1. mikevderderian says:

    Yamma! You scared me there Haitham. I am just saying … ;-})

  2. haitham says:

    enta scared me w/ the fastest reply ever 😉
    بلشت أشك إنك وااااااصل و مدعوووووووم

  3. mikevderderian says:

    مان سهران. علي مونتاج مقابلات صوتية لمشروع. أنا واصل ومدعوم!!!! له له شو شايفني رغيف خبز يا صديق. أنا فقط مواطن أردني يعبر عن رأيه بطريقة فكاهية مليئة بالجنون المطلق مع شهادة من العصفورية


  4. mikevderderian says:

    Guess once a journalist always a journalist my friend. I am just trying to stay in touch with the opinionated writer within …

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