Parliament Please!

Posted: September 26, 2011 in beTwixt & beTween

“Parliament please!”

“A pack or a couple of cigarettes sir!” said the grocery store owner to the man examining a top shelf upon which lighters of all sorts were lined up.

“Hmm! You know what I am sick of Parliament. Give me a pack of Pall Malls!”

You know what I am sick of Parliament too and the video that I watched on Al Madenah News Youtube channel made me sicker.

I am also angry, displeased and ashamed of such representatives, who obviously do not know the meaning of sitting under our Kingdom’s dome of democracy.

Seeing a certain Member of Parliament (MP) jump from one seat to another with a bag of nuts, the contents of which he generously hands out to his colleagues, during a live session is rather disrespectful not only for the sanctity of the place but to the citizens of Jordan, who elected these parliamentarians.

This frustrating scene also took me back in time to school when the class joker (they were many) wandered around aimlessly in the classrooms as the teacher stood there trying to make us learn.

Watching the MPs chew on the seeds they were offered made eating and drinking in the library look good. Hmm. Let us pause here for a minute. Did it make eating and drinking in a library look good? No! It is not dignified to eat or drink in a library.

Is this how our taxes are spent? On the salaries of MPs who spend their time chewing on nuts, pistachio, almonds, sun flower and melon seeds instead of representing us in the best possible way.

Don’t get me started on the MP that was caught sleeping on camera. Another trivial question that comes to mind is: From where do MPs get their nuts from? Shaheen Roastary or Al Rifai Nuts!

Thank God I did not vote for any MP in my country’s recent parliamentarian elections. Of course it would be unjust to include hardworking MPs in this blog post, so if there are any hardworking MPs out there who weren’t chewing seeds in the video I apologize to them.

Still fie upon such a democratic process, MPs and parliament. I’d rather have a whole ID* without cut edges.

Watch for yourself: http: //

*When you vote for MPs in Jordan a government representative takes a pair of scissors and in the most civilized manner clips the edge of your ID. There (proof that you elected someone!)

  1. haitham says:

    لاحظتلي التدخين كمان


    عااااااااااااااااااااااااادي يا مايك
    و ما خفي كان أعظم

    شو بالنسبة للإعلان بالمدونة صحيح، ههههههههههههه

    هل تريد أن تعلم متى ستتزوج؟

    لا، لا أريد

  2. mikevderderian says:

    المشكلة يا ريت إعلان مدفوع ;-})

    وهي وقفت على التدخين يا صاح

    إن شاء الله كل شيء تمام

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