Alice is Little No More …

Posted: July 22, 2011 in beTwixt & beTween

Alice is little no more …
By Mike V. Derderian

Standing at the edge of a sidewalk in a secluded street,
Amidst a wonderland of lights and colors,
Someone she awaits …

Rushing cars blow her smooth hair into a giant mushroom-like-puff,
Where a caterpillar flung from an overhead tree momentarily resides,
She is free, or is she!

A bruised cat passes from under her feet,
With wide open arms she reaches down and holds it,
“Why are you so red, violet and blue? Whose markings are on your fur! What’s your name?” Petting the cat she inquires.

More or less the cat says nothing.
“Call me Alice. My name is the only thing about me that is true!” she whispers in its ear before sending it on its way.
Still someone she awaits …

In a concrete jungle, where a darkened sky, smothered gray trees, pale people and merciless animals barely coexist; Little Alice was long ago lost.
Many a years have passed and she is little no more.

She is waiting for anyone,
Anyone with a few silver dollars to spare.
Hungry for food and shelter she sold the only thing she can sell and into sin fell.

She sees a man eying cell-phones on a cardboard at the corner of Broken Hearts,
With a wink the man shifts his eyes towards a larger catch,
As the silver dollar finds its way to her quivering palm lecherous hope rises and a broken heart sinks; And they both disappear in a hidden alley.

Sadly all is lost when the Queen of Hearts arrives at dawn and takes away from her the night’s wealth.

“Back to work you …” The Queen of Hearts barks.

24 hours later and amidst a wonderland of lights and colors Alice again disappears.

Little she is no more … she is a…

[I wrote this piece in February 26, 2009. I illustrated its poster today. I wanted to make it into a one shot comic [20 pages] but I run out of energy. Maybe one day I will re-do it bigger and better.]

*Thank you Lama for the chewing gum :-})

illustration by Mike V. Derderian (C)

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