Nakbba 63

Posted: May 17, 2011 in beTwixt & beTween

Something I saw in my head about the passing of 63 years  over Al Nakbba in Palestine and that I had to do. What took place in Palestine 63 years ago was a ruthless act committed by a belligerent state that altered the lives of millions. 63 years ago my father’s grandfather was torn to pieces by a Zionist mortar round. 63 years ago his family moved to Jordan, my country. 63 years ago my father was born and here I am typing these words.

I find myself dabbling in design like a cockroach dabbling in shit in a stranger’s toilet in the middle of the night. Why do cockroaches dabble in shit in the first place I constantly ask? Why is a writer dabbling in design? I will soon resume my mental musings and vomit [ya3nee write more but my hands are tied beyond logic]. Thank you all for reading this blog. Thank you all for putting up with my shit.


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