GCC-ing Jordan

Posted: May 15, 2011 in beTwixt & beTween

As always we, the Jordanians, are the last to know! Thank you my government for the SMS in which you told us that we will soon become part of the GCC.

Nothing against the GCC by the way :-})

  1. haitham says:


    إنت الحق عليك!

    لويش مش متابع

    خوش مواطن إنت

    • mikevderderian says:

      هلا بالشيخ الشيشاني. شكلو اني مواطن تائه اني. إن شاء الله كل شيء تمام؟ والله قلبت الدنيا بما فيها يا صاح

  2. .45 Caliber says:

    Iraqis (Such as myself, incidentally) nickname GCC countries/citizens “Bi3ran al Khaleej”.

    I’m still rather baffled at the whole thing, although I can understand the…economic benefits behind the whole spiel.

    Not sure whether to offer my condolences or my congratulations. Not that either means much, but…yeah.

    • mikevderderian says:

      Well …

      I actually came across the “Bi3ran al Khaleej” term a few days ago …

      I am mostly against ad hominem statements but we all one way of the other have judgments based on our own experiences. True some citizens from these countries give a bad name to their countries as a result of their irrational and intolerable behavior when they visit other countries. I should have said a very unpleasant image that reflects ignorance, lack of respect to other beings and bigotry.

      This poster is my shock and awe filled statement. Jordan is definitely not a gulf country. I even incorporated how I found about us joining the GCC in my stand up routine. Some gulf countries, however, aren’t so keen on us joining their precious GCC.

      We do have the requirements: Dry weather, very little water and trees. air conditioners and a lot of desert.

      I hope we join cause I want my Camry, GMC and free apartment ;-})

  3. .45 Caliber says:

    I could delve into the things you’re leaving out!

    What about your SUV, which you love to flail around dunes in? Gilding everything? Custom license plates? Dishdasha and 3gal? Your designated set of underpaid Indians? The aversion for cultural attractions and an affinity for flagship stores at any major city’s fashion district? The knack for walking around cities frequented by other Arabs (London. London. London!) while loudly discussing billion-dollar business deals on your cellphone a la “Me da boss!”…just before it rings and lets everybody know what you were -really- doing? (True story. Several sightings)

    Kidding, only to some degree 😛

    Now, I know, stereotyping is about as good as a tumor. But then, I’ve realized that there is a bit of a culture shock involved in as much sharing a meal with people from certain places in the world, let alone visiting. It seems to be more pertinent to me being utterly and absolutely incapable of understanding how their lives could ever be satisfying when they often seem void of purpose…

    But again, vive le difference.

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