Frank, The “Easter” Bunny

Posted: April 25, 2011 in beTwixt & beTween

Illustrated and inked this while waiting for the news summary in the studio, and that I read at 10:00 p.m, after I wrapped up my morning show, The Morning Madness, on 96.3 FM. I am not into nice greeting cards. This one depicts Frank, The Bunny, from Richard Kelly’s 2001 Donnie Darko.  Hope you like it …

  1. kinziblogs says:

    Love da bunnehs. And da kittehs. This one looks like he eats them both for breakfast! Zombeh Bunneh?

  2. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    frankly, frank seems nice 😛

    • mikevderderian says:

      Thanks Haitham :-}) I just need some time before I launch my own comic-blog God willing … Will keep you updated Twitter Man :-})

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