0 My Big-Little Rotten Apple Amman – A WebComic by Mike D – Da POSTER – Published Every Wednesday

Posted: September 8, 2010 in The Comic Strip: My Big-Little Rotten Apple Amman
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  1. Henda says:

    Cheer up brother. I hope it gets better. Besides Amman is not that bad. I’ve seen other places, and it’s still my favorite city.

    • mikevderderian says:

      Actually Henda I am cheerful. This webcomic will chronicle my bittersweet love and hate affair with my one and only Mistress Amman : )

  2. haitham says:

    I was gonna say smth similar to what Henda said but reading yr reply made me “cheer” up + side ways kaman 🙂


  3. mikevderderian says:

    : )

    Haitham this webcomic is anti-stupidity, bigotry, vanity, nepotism, favoritism, prejudice and hate but not anti-Amman as the title might imply.

    Amman is and will always be my New York. That’s from where the title comes: My Little-Big Rotten Apple ; )

    “I speak softly but I carry a big mental Katana!”

    I just hope you and Hend, and whoever stumbles upon it here like it : )

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