The Fourth Wall: A Brief Prologue

Posted: September 12, 2009 in The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall

Instead of working on a comic strip’s storyline and storyboards that I am supposed to send out on September 21st to Lebanon I found myself writing my first online movie review.

Having worked in the print media sector for too long I found the transition a bit uneasy. To be honest with you after six years of deadlines and automated writing assignments I found it even harder to maintain the strict writing discipline under which I worked at a local English language newspaper, and that enabled me to produce, at one point, four to five different articles per week.

I am now a freelance-fulltime writer. Not having an agitated managing editor waiting on the other side of this cyber connection for an 800 – 1000 words piece is quite a relief but also a major disincentive.

Writing is not a mood related activity as much as it is about discipline. A person I worked with once wondered how I manage to write when I am surrounded by people. That very same person cancelled a writing assignment we were supposed to do for a cartoon series on the grounds that his creativity went on a coffee break.

Writing is about flipping open your computer screen, booting up the damn thing, opening a Microsoft Word document and start writing the words preceding the flashing bar. Apologies to all the pro handwriting individuals but I stopped using a pencil and pad since 2003.

I wrote about everything that you can or can’t imagine. I wrote about medicine, politics, economy, people, art, literature, music and of course one of my main passions in life: Movies, which will be the essence of this online corner of the cyber world.

The one thing that you will notice upon reading my reviews is that I rarely include spoilers. Watching a movie is like unwrapping a gift; what’s the use if you already knew what you were receiving?

Consider the above my first online prologue for a series of movie reviews and seventh art pieces that I will write under the title, The Fourth Wall.

Hope you enjoy my writings…

Mike V. Derderian,

September 13, 2009


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