Why so Sad!!

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Paper Cuts

Why So Sad!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A new United Nations’ report published recently revealed that 80 percent of Palestinian youth are depressed. No FCUKIN SHIT!

The report further revealed that 55 percent of Gazans are severely depressed. The report was compiled after interviewing 1200 Palestinians between 17 -24 years old from the West Bank and Gaza.

“Why are they depressed?, and, Do they really have a reason to be depressed?”

Well, let us see: In 1948 their land was taken from them.

This was only the beginning as since then their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children were and still are the live target practice of itchy triggered and heartless Israeli troops.

And the world still silently watches from a distance. Whereas Reuters shuns publishing photos of the conflict and impact on Palestinians AFP often publishes such photos with the occasional uncomplimentary photos of settlers being dragged from their feet from their illegal settlements.

“Let go of me! You call yourself a true Jew? Why do you kick us out of the land that was given to us by God many years ago. It was I who kicked out the rightful owners of this land, uprooted their trees and killed their offspring, whenever I had the chance to get away with it. This is my land. I earned it with sweat and blood. I sweated a lot when I shot Palestinians and spilled their blood with my machine gun. You can say I smelled badly and there wasn’t a deodorant in the world that hid the smell of blood. This is the price I have paid for cultivating this land and this is how you repay me. God damn you in hell,” a bearded settler sobs as his tearful children fearfully watch.

Let us pause for a minute here. Aside from the Old Testament, which I believe is the ultimate Zionist propaganda, did anyone show us a land lease signed by the High Almighty.

One more thing do you know that Israelis can’t count for shit—even though they are deemed good business people.

Example: The capture of two soldiers almost destroyed Lebanon. The assholes should have captured two Lebanese soldiers instead. Dumb Shitheads wouldn’t you say!

A settler is wounded they organize an offensive and raze an entire neighborhood, which proves they do not abide to the eye for an eye rule. Imagine if one day they decided to turn the other cheek!

Sadly Arabs have been turning their cheeks for a long time and I am not talking about their faces. “Bend over please…this won’t hurt…you will only experience some discomfort,” an Israeli proctologist tells an Arab patient before slipping his hand in a rubber glove.

Back to why Palestinians are depressed. Their homes are being demolished on a daily basis, their olive trees uprooted, and last but not least they are, up until this day, not given the opportunity to live a decent life by the poor and often misjudged Zionists.

“So why so sad!” a clueless foreigner might ask.

By Homo Sapien a.k.a Mike V. Derderian


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