Posted: September 11, 2009 in Paper Cuts

May 7, 2009

War spelled backwards is no longer a noun it is an adjective.

It is RAW.

Raw is the flesh of humans eaten by war hungry men.

Raw might even stand for the dish that you distaste but never eat while warm at a Japanese restaurant.

It is the dead eye that stares, the eye of a deceased enemy that stares up your gun barrel;
And the liquid that gives it its lively glaze,

Well, after the shot is heard, the bullet perforates the skull, the heavy thud echoes through the battlefield and the blood gushes out; Life is no longer welcome in this sterile carcass.

How can one hear a singular death in a place where it arrives in hordes!

An augur hears and sees everything.
Spliced open the eye oozes.

Involuntary thick tears trickle down the burnt cheeks and torn lips;
But not a single word is uttered.

Raw flesh untouched turns into rotten flesh filled with maggots; that writhe and turn like a scheming nymph dancing under a blinding sun and a blind moon; gazed upon by a lecherous and hungry eye.
Raw is how he devoured her.

Raw is how the head was served on a silver platter; and though the tongue was pierced by a virgin dagger the Word prevailed and the flesh in time decayed.

Still not all words are celestial and sacred. Raw is the word spoken behind your back by a beast dogged by superfluous vanity.

Raw is the surface of the cold blade that cuts through the veins of friendship and raw is how I drink my blood and eat my meat.

21st century beasts are now civilized. They no longer tear through ligaments, chew raw meat and gnash bones. A knife, a fork and a spoon would suffice.

“Waiter may I have a tissue to wipe away the rawness!” A Homo sapien yells out, “hmm, what goes with raw meat? Red or White wine! That I wonder!”

Once the cork is removed sweet turns into sour, and to the dismay of others arrives the dour hour to our soiled heavenly bower.

When all ends will the seraphs sing to his glory or her glory?

Alas, they wage wars through lies that enclose raw minds; raw minds that are served with a lemon twist and a sprinkle of salt.

“Yummy, could I have more please!” A Homo sapien asks before adding, “and a glass of rose water to wash down the stench!”

Raw is the seed from which I came to exist.
Raw is the womb from which I came out.

Raw is the blood that nourished this region; spilled by the savage sinners, whose false words erected the crucifix upon which the lamb was mercilessly torn.

The golden ox prevailed and row after row the sheep are still led to slaughter.

War is the noun that denotes other nouns like hate, famine, genocide, Diaspora, death and of course the adjective, raw, when spelled backwards. Raw is the flesh of humans eaten raw by war hungry men; and the dish that you distaste but never eat while warm.

So cook before eating…

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