II-Memorable Lines: Grease

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

May 2009

Grease (1978)

To say that the following lines from this dialogue are the best lines in Grease is also an overstatement. Being a timeless musical Grease is all about songs and catchy tunes.

So why did I choose the following dialogue.

Because it reminded me of the many times I wanted to tell my mind to my teachers and I didn’t. Some teenagers lack the self confidence to speak out their mind and when they do grownups take up their verbal action as an insult, which is wrong for we all have the right to voice our opinion.

Added value and vitamins:

Grease is a delightful musical filled with great songs and memorable lines that we for this day quote, and often hear, and dance to at clubs and parties—come on admit it: How many of you shook his or her hips to Grease Lightening?


Michael Tucci…Sony

Eve Arden…Principal McGee

John Travolta…Danny Zuko

Memorable lines:


Geez! Ever teacher I got flunked me at least once!


Well, I ain’t taking no crap off her this year!


If she crosses me, she’s gonna find out who’s boss!

Principal McGee:



Yes ma’am?

Principal McGee:

Aren’t you supposed to be in class right now?


I was taking a walk

Principal McGee:

Well, you’re just dawdling now, aren’t you? Are you just going to stand there all day?


No ma’am ,I mean yes ma’am ,I mean no ma’am

Principal McGee:

Well which is it?


Um, no ma’am

Principal McGee:

Well, I’m sure an afternoon of banging chalk erasers together will help you now, won’t it?

Sonny: Yes ma’am

[Principal McGee walks away]

Danny (mockingly):

I’m sure glad you didn’t take no crap off her, Sonny.


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