Cinerama: The Hulk

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Cinerama

The Hulk

By Mike Derderian

Anger is something that we fear, something that lurks deep in our souls, a beast awaiting for the slightest chance to break free from it’s captivating cage, for the anger beast always nourishes on our tiresome and damaged nerves caused by the stress one experiences at work, home and simply everywhere one goes.

The beast grows stronger each and every day until it eventually finds the key. Every one of us has a beast of his own, how and when it gets out, simply depends on you my dear reader.

Just the other day my beast wanted to break loose. I was sitting in the bus contemplating life, as you all know, getting your mind preoccupied with something else makes the distance a lot closer than it really is—hence less mileage.

This moment of temporal serenity was cut brief when a man rudely begun smoking and puffing the smoke into my air stream and into my lungs making me burst into a coughing fit, and in spite of my loud coughing, the man kept on smoking, defying the “No smoking sign,” which is apparently put lately for decorative purposes.

Looking angrily at the man, a sudden feeling of rage and anger mixed with hate took over me. At that same moment the vein in my neck violently begun to throb, my fingers clenched into a fist-like shape, and a paroxysm of pain surged through my spine as if it was being pulled out of its place, and the pain resulting from the expansion of my bones and my whole skeleton made it impossible for me to think clearly.

Suddenly, I felt my muscles tearing through my shirt, what was happening why were people screaming? One look at my reflection at the window, I realized what was happening to me. I was metamorphosing! My color, the color of my skin turned green, is it possible. What will happen next? Will I rip through the metal roof of the bus and jump high into the sky to a secluded place, or will I hold that man and crush him to oblivion with his nice cigarette?

Sadly, you won’t know what happened for the bus reached its destination thus ending my wannabe Hulk moment, the green nightlight fixed in the bus provided the makeup special effects for this fantasy.

The hulk came into existence in 1966, as a comic book character created by Stan lee and Jack Kirby, who both created most of the super characters for Marvel and DC comics. The book character soon evolved into a cartoon series and a hit television show from 1977 till 1989, however, ever since “The Hulk” has been dormant for almost 14 years.

It wasn’t until this summer that the classical comic book character was brought back into life again by Ang Lee, the renowned Taiwanese director, who chose Iric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliot and Nick Nolte to play the comic characters.

The Hulk’s story is quite simple, it is about Dr Bruce banner, a genetic scientist who as a child has been the guinea pig of his father’s experimentations in a quest to create a super human.

After his father’s disappearance and his mother’s death, Bruce grows up as an orphan and becomes a scientist, who knows nothing of his past and doesn’t remember a single thing from his childhood, all he sees is vision-like images that haunts him during his sleep.

Despite of his vague past Bruce runs a scientific lab funded by the military, with the help of his colleague Betty Ross (Connelly), whom he shares with a troubled love relationship and as all scientific experiments that goes wrong in films this experiment wasn’t any different. Due to a malfunction in the equipment he uses in his experiments, Bruce is exposed to the Gamma rays that will help in triggering what was fomenting in him all these years.

For the first time on screen we were able to see the Hulk jump from one continent to the other, grabbing hold of a tank and hurling it away into the horizon and most of all a Hulk with a visage that had the mild features of a human, however, the highlight of the film is the metamorphosis scene where Banner turns into “The Incredible Hulk.”

Thanks to the computer-generated images (CGI), Ang Lee was able construct a new Hulk in the original way it was always meant to be—wild, untamed and amazingly big. So instead of using a giant actor to do the rule of Bruce banner’s other metamorphosing character like in the old television show, Lee with the help of graphic experts created a complete green giant that does it all.

This film is not your average super-hero flick, Lee’s choice of scenes, locations and the hulk’s persona made it appear more of a surrealistic tableau than an action packed film, it is more of a look inside a tormented human soul enveloped in the posture of beast so if you are a dedicated Hulk fan you won’t mind it’s weak plot and story for the film represents a milestone for upcoming sequels.

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