Cinerama: Spiderman

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Cinerama


Mike Derderian

Spiders are one of the many creatures found in our backyards and apartments and when given a chance to sneak to our houses from an opened window they instinctively spin a web in one corner of the room to ensnare little insects. The spiders in Jordan are quite harmless not like the ones found in tropical climate countries like South America. Spiders living in such countries can grow to sizes larger than the palm of your hand and guess what? They bite. Imagine a spider in that size crawling next to you on bed!

Seems that you are one of those who are scared to death by spiders; those wall-climbing, little creatures with hairy legs that give you the chill and make you jump on the closest chair that you can grab. Well I’m not!

I kinda like’em, as we all did when we were children. These little creatures of God never succedded in scaring me. I mean, can’t you remember the excitement of finding a cobweb among the bushes in your garden with a spider on it and calling your friends to see it, then grabing it to scare the girls with it.

Time changes and as we grew up, we tend to forget such happy innocent moments. I live in an area surrounded by empty lands filled with rocks, dry grass, which makes me never miss the good old days. The other day a spider decided to pay me a visit while I was shaving. The way it was falling from the ceiling, hanging on a thin transparent thread was quite amazing.

Interested in this uninvited crawling guest, I grabbed a newspaper and made it crawl on it, however as I tried to push it into a small box it became aggressive and defensive but eventually I “the great white hunter” ensnared it successfully. Reluctant to kill it, I took the box to the window ledge. The spider instantly jumped and crawled away.

As I lost sight of it, I said to myself, why didn’t I let it bite me? What are the odds of it being a runway genetically altered spider. This might have been my chance to become the  “Amazing Jordanian Spider-man” and I blew it.

Last summer, I was really excited when I first heard of the new Spider-man movie, my favorite Marvel character. The 2002 version truly brought Spider-man into existence with all the web spinning and acrobatic moves that the 1978 television series failed to fulfill.

Spider-man was created by the American comic artist Stan Lee who also has the credit of creating most of the Marvel characters back in the1960’s. Sam Raimi directed the film with a cast of talented young actors like Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunset, James Franco, and William Dafoe.

The film offers us a glimpse on how the world of Spider-man is according to Peter Parker/ Spider-man (Maguire). The narration and monologue of Parker is something that we don’t have in other comic based movies. The ability to know what a super hero thinks and feels makes us sympathize with him.

The story is about a normal young man, Peter who has no powers at all. He’s always bullied around, especially in the bus scene when they all laughed at him when he is tripped by some bully, except for Mary Jane (Dunst), Peter’s childhood love.

All this would change during a field trip to a genetic research lab that does studies on spiders. It’s there where Peter is bit by a genetically altered spider whose venom reconstructs Peter’s DNA thus turning him into Spider-man who has the ability to shoot spider web from his rests and climb walls.

The CGI effects were excellent to a degree that you would almost experience the feeling of jumping from a building to the other using the spider web, and enjoy the acrobatic Spider moves between the sky scrapers of New York.

The Oscorp carnival scene is the greatest though. The scene is colorful where people are shown enjoying the music playing on stage, while the giant character balloons are floating in the air. In one angle we first see Mary Jane, dressed in a Chinese gown and Harry Osborn (Franco) standing on a marble balcony enjoying the scene. In another angle, Peter is photographing the carnival when he spots them on the balcony and is annoyed because his friend Harry didn’t tell him that he was going out with MJ, the girl he loves, however his attention shifts as he feels that something bad will happen.

At the same moment, The Green Goblin (Dafoe) riding on his glider crushes the party by bombing the balcony that begins to crumble and threatens to fall with MJ trapped on it. Naturally Spider-man hurries to save his love, jumping on the balloons to reach the balcony when the Goblin holds him and pulls him away smashing in the buildings façade. After a nice fight scene, Spider-man saves MJ and takes her to safety.

The film has a humanistic plot in the sense of showing us the changes that a person undergoes. It’s really worth watching, and hopefully the second coming part will be as good as this one.

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