Cinerama: Some Like it Hot (The Ramadan Special)

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Cinerama

Some Like it Hot

By Mike Derderian

The Star, 2003

As you take a stroll down the old markets of Amman, during the holy month of Ramadan, you couldn’t but notice a scene that is observed only in Ramadan, which is of Al Katayif queue.

Katayif is a traditional desert prepared especially for this month. It’s so weird that you would hardly find people buying it any other time of the year unless he or she has a craving for it— after all it is quite delicious. It is made of a special dough mixture, like the one used in making pancakes, yet it comes thicker in proportion.

At the Katayif stand, you would see the man pouring the dough mixture on a hot surface in an orbicular motion, creating a complete circular shape. He will then hold the hot circular dough and fold it into a crescent forming a pocket where a mixture of crushed walnuts and cinnamon is stuffed.

I can almost see your watering mouth, as your mind tries to picture the whole process but is it ready you might ask and I’ll say patience for there is still one more thing to do. After sealing it with all that tasteful aromatic mixture, the vendor will cover it with hot sweet syrup that will make it difficult to resist.

Katayif to many is the favorite desert to be served after Iftar (breaking fast), it can be served cold and still maintain that oriental palatable taste, however, some like it hot.

Hope I haven’t made you hungry. I assure you I haven’t switched my topics in Cinerama from movies to what’s your favorite desert column but the whole thing reminded me of the 1959 comedy film “Some like it Hot,” directed by Billy Wilder.

This Black and White treat stars Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon—three remarkable actors with pure camera charisma, not to mention funny.

Monroe’s reputation as a non-dying icon of sensuality emerged through her portrayal of Sugar Kane the clumsy yet funny girl, who was truly the main desert of this film.

As for Curtis, he proved that he is more than just a man with good looks for both he and Lemmon, who turned to hard biting reality films during the seventies gave an excellent performance in portraying two men masquerading as women.

How did they end up in playing women roles? Well it all starts in 1929 Chicago, during prohibition, a time in history when alcohol was banned and should have stayed that way, however, the so-called civilized progress of the world deemed it impossible.

During that time Jerry (Lemmon) and Joe (Curtis), two money-lacking jazz musicians work at an illegal liquor joint run by a mobster called Spats Colombo (George Raft).

To their unfortunate luck they somehow end up witnessing a murder committed by Colombo and his goons, so after barely escaping with their own lives they decide to leave Chicago.

The problem is that they have no money, and they can’t find musical bands to play with. With no choices left they are forced to disguise themselves as women and join the only available woman band called Sweet Sue’s Society Syncopaters that is heading to Florida.

A decision that created one of the funniest classical scenes, where we see Joe and Jerry dressed as women wearing make up and high heel shoe as they pace towards the train in a not so graceful womanish walk.

It seems that their new experience as women makes Jerry realize that being a woman is not that easy, especially when he mumbles words like how do they keep balance in these shoes and they must have colds all the time wearing those drafty skirt.

During their trip to Florida, Daphne/Jerry and Josephine/Joe meet with Sugar Kane (Monroe), who manages to twirl the heads of both men and become the center of their attention with her femininity.

Marilyn Monroe with her gentle childish voice, plus her divine figure would make anyone sing Tom Jone’s song, “She’s a Lady,” for she—by portraying the lovelorn woman, who is in search of a millionaire—proved herself as an accomplished comedienne.

One of her memorable moment in this film is when she sings her own version of “ I want to be loved you,” a song that will captivate you as you gaze at her gentle eyes.

Will she find that millionaire or will she unknowingly fall for Joe, who will try to win her heart by playing the role of an eccentric English millionaire.

To Jerry’s or Daphne luck, love comes in the form of an old millionaire, who is swept by her charms. Together they fromed a perfect tango couple, as you will see in the film.

In the end some like it hot and some like it cold, I’ll leave that for you to decide, for not all tastes are the same so go and rent the film.

P.S: try to have some Katayif on your way.


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