Cinerama: Home Alone

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Cinerama

Home Alone

By Mike Derderian

Have you ever felt asleep near a Christmas tree, all by yourself with all the lights in the house off with no one to spoil that moment of personal requiem?

Well I had, and it’s the warmest feeling you’d ever experience not because of the recurrent on-off glowing colored lights, round red sparkling balls or the red and white delicious looking sugar canes hanging on its branches but because of the blissful warm spirit that hovers around that tree.

The reason why the Spiritus sanctus chooses the decorated tree, as a ground for its slumber during this joyful event is because of the love that comes out during the assembly of this symbol of joy and love. A euphoria that springs out when all the family members gather around to construct the Christmas tree, where all the fortunate children expect to find the gifts Santa leaves.

Some handle the spreading of the entangled light bulbs, while others straighten up the branches that will bear the balls and ornaments; however, the most important thing is when the father hangs the star on the top as a gesture of blessing.

As a child I always liked to gaze at the miniature barn, where the small statues depict baby Jesus, surrounded by Virgin Mary and Joseph, whom both are looking passionately at their newborn.

I used to put one of the white light bulbs inside the barn, in my favorite spot right above the angel’s head trying to create its aureole—something I liked to do when I was a little brat who believed in Santa, however, as the years passed it seems that the same brat still gets the best of me when it comes to believing in the man dressed in red.

Christmas is a family event, where you find everyone celebrating together Christmas and the arrival of a new year that hopefully will bring happiness to all, including you my dear readers, Christian or Muslim you were.

We all should celebrate such events with our families, for what is Christmas or Eid when it’s spent without the persons we love, all alone and home alone.

“Home Alone,” and I have to agree with my colleagues at The Star, who recommended this film, regarding it as part of the Christmas spirit, is truly the best Christmas comedy that was produced during 1990s.

Starring the child wonder back then Macaulay Culkin, who didand excuse me for the expressiona hell of a job in portraying the smart-alecky and loud mouthed Kevin McCallister, the one family member, whom nobody gets along with peacefully.

This reminds me of a person, who I see every day in the mirror. Any way, back to the subject at hand, this film was directed by Chris Columbus known for his child-like imagination that allowed him to direct the first two ‘Harry Potter’ Films.

The film we are talking about is about Kevin, who after having a fight with almost all the members in his family starting from his obnoxious older brother Buzz, his uncle Frank and reaching to his all-the-time-hyper mother, wishes if they all would disappear.

As all wishes in films go this one was granted when all the family go on a trip to Paris and with all the commotion resulting from travel preparations they forget Kevin.

All alone, and a lot of things to do, Kevin does it all in this family film that will make you laugh hilariously, especially when we are introduced to the wet bandits, who are unfortunate enough to meet Kevin.

The wet bandits are non-other than Harry and Marv, two very stupid burglars, who really believe that they are geniuses like some people we know, don’t we?

The colorful actor, Joe Pesci, who is known for his diverse choice of characters especially psychos, is Harry while Daniel Stern with his funny look in this film, not to mention, his great ability to use his voice like a woman is Marv.

Trying to robe Kevin’s house is their biggest mistake for through the sadistic funny vision of Columbus they have to undergo Kevin’s lethal booby traps.

Imagine an iron falling through a laundry shoot right on your wandering face, well that’s what poor Marv had to chew on after trying to turn on a light bulb that seemed harmless. A lesson to be learned here, never trust an innocent looking light bulb! Another funny scene is when Kevin ties heavy buckets up the staircase and as both crocks climb up Harry loses his gold tooth and Marv ends up with real aching nose.

Culkin in this film creates his trademark look and shout that will also be seen in the sequel entitled “Lost in New York,” which was as good as the first, actually.

Not strictly comedy there are some humanistic touches in this holiday film, by a character referred to as Old Man Marley— a mysterious man with a dark and gloomy appearance that scares Kevin.

Will he reunite with his family and did he learn his lesson, having a second sequel answers the second question, as for the first go rent the film for it’s been around since 1990.

I won’t wish you a Merry Christmas yet, however, when the day comes I’ll do it my way so until then just be nice to other humans.

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