Cinerama: Ghost

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Cinerama


By Mike Derderian

A gust of wind blew at his tanned face, as he stood there leaning on the bus stop’s wall with his hands in his pocket and his handbag hanging on his shoulder. The cool breeze caressed his face like the caresses bestowed by a Greek goddess upon a heroic youth for some extraordinary deed. The bright lights coming from the rushing cars on both lanes gave his eyes a haze of Technicolor’s that appeared from a distance like fireflies swarming in the horizon. The young man’s contemplative countenance suggested that a thought was lingering in his head. The thought was more in verse than words. He recalled verses from Emily Dickinson’s poem and tried to puzzle together. After a strenuous effort he managed to remeber the first four stanzas.

“Because I could not stop for death / He kindly stopped for me / The carriage held but just ourselves / And Immortality.”

When the rest of the poem began to materialize in his head a surging voice interrupted him. It was the sound of the compressed air coming out of the brakes of this large yellow machine that is called a bus in the modern terminology. The door opened with a sharp squeak of a ghost-like beast opening its mouth and beckoning its victim to enter. After a short glance at the passengers in the bus, the young man sat and began to gaze at the setting orange-red sun thinking of the purpose of such a life that sometimes lasts more than a century and sometimes vanishes in a moment.

This is not an excerpt from a novel. It’s an actual scene I’ve undergone while I was thinking of the preciousness of life. So the person I was talking about is me. Actually it all started after I rewatched my favorite movie Ghost.

Directed by Jerry Zuker, the film came out in the 90s, starreing Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Tony Goldwyn and the ever-funny Whoopi Goldberg. It is about Sam Wheat (Swayze), a man who has everything in life. A good job, a good place and most importantly a woman who truly loves him.

Sam and his girlfriend Molly Jensen (Moore) had recently bought an old apartment that they renovated with the help of Carl Bruner (Goldwyn), Sam’s best friend and colleague at work.

Every thing is going well for Sam, until one night when he and Molly are returning home after watching Macbeth. It is late and they are walking in the middle of the night in a dark neighborhood, deeply in love with each other having a stroll enjoying each other’s company that might last for a lifetime. Little they know that destiny has other plans.

Someone begins to follow them. Sam decides to confront the man, and asks him what he wants. Yet the moment Sam faces the man he finds a gun pointed at him and Molly, they are being robbed and the burglar asks for Sam’s wallet.

Not wanting to give in Sam jumps at the man, a move that will change his life. Molly begins to shout for help but nobody listens until a gun shoot echoes.

We see Sam standing up in the street. For a moment we think that he’d beaten the burglar so he heads back to the dark alley to see the most horrible scene a man might encounter.

Molly is lying there shouting for help holding him with blood on her hands, how could that be? Just imagine the thought of seeing yourself lying on the floor, dying in the arms of your love and it’s all happening in front of you.
Sam’s soul for some reason is stuck on earth and it is through Swayze’s brilliant acting that we experience the feeling of being dead in the form of an apparition that enables him to see life after death without being heard by anyone.

The film is a tragic drama when it comes to love and death, however, it takes a different angle when Sam meets Oda Mae (Goldberg) who is supposedly a con artist who deceives people by pretending to be Psychic. The whole scene is hilarious especially when Sam realizes that she is the only one who can hear and help him contact Molly. Whoopi’s comedian talent and performance earned her an Oscar.

“Ghost” is one of the best romantic films that were made in the 90’s. It is filled with emotional moments that can make anyone cry, like in the most beautiful love scene that was ever filmed when Molly’s eye’s meet Sam’s while playing the “Unchained Melody” song by The Righteous Brothers.

To every one who is in love this is the movie to watch because it makes us realize that life is more precious than we think. Regretfully, we expect to live forever until death drops in reminding us that we have a deadline to fulfill. Like in Emily Dickinson’s poem, death is always courteous enough to stop and pay us a visit.


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