Cinerama: Future Boy Conan (Or as we know it Adnan wa Lina)

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Cinerama

Future Boy Conan (Or as we know it Adnan wa Lina)

By Mike Derderian

There is no doubt that experiences help us to avoid the mistakes of the past, but the problem is that we humans are stubborn. I mean why do we insist on building mass destruction weapons and then issue laws banning them, aren’t we stupid or what?

Imagine waking up one day to find out that the world you know no longer exists and the earth’s entire surface is covered with water due to a geological imbalance caused to it’s axis by an ultra-magnetic weapon.

In the year 1970, Alexander Key wrote a novel entitled “the Incredible Tide”. It was about a boy who survived earth’s destruction by a giant tidal wave created from the impact of a powerful magnetic weapon during world war III.

Who knew that after eight years this novel would be made into the most popular and successful Japanese anime series ever by two Japanese animators. Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata took the basic theme and characters of the novel and turned it into an animated masterpiece called “Future Boy Conan”. Miyazaki mustering up all the creativity and imagination found in his head designed the characters and brought life to Conan and Lana.

If you still cannot recognize this Anime and think that you haven’t seen it, then my dear Arabian reader you’re wrong because it has been dubbed into Arabic and you’ve been watching it for the past nineteen years.

It is non-other than “Adnan Wa Lina”, the cartoon series that captivated our hearts and imagination throughout the years, and believe it or not a few weeks ago there was a re-run of the complete episodes, I’m sad I missed it.

Twenty-six unforgettable episodes packed with emotions of love, sadness and happiness plus action scenes, not to mention the excellent script and the high quality animation of the scenery that was breathtaking—a fabulous world that was created by Miyazaki.

Who wouldn’t remember the funniest action-scene when Conan/Adnan tries to clench the airplane’s wing using only his toes while trying to save Lana/Lina from Monsley/Samira who wants to take her to Industria/Alkalaa to ensnare her grandfather Dr Briac Lao/Rami.

Can you clench to an airplane’s wing with only your toes? Quite a work out for those tiny fingers, however, this Anime made every child dream of becoming a super hero like Conan, fighting soldiers with his bare feet, each and every one of us during his childhood dreamt of it and don’t try to deny it, I know you did.

Or are you one those persons who wanted to be more like Jimsy/Absee? The funny looking boy with a broom-like hairdo who became Conan’s best friend after a strenuous display of strength during their first encounter.

Together they will turn the life of captain Dyce/Namehk into a living hell as he becomes involved with their quest to save Lana, especially in the robot-digger scene when they operate this futuristic machine and end up destroying the whole camp-sight and giving the bad tempered captain a serious neck pain. However, when they are caught we cannot but laugh at the way they were both flogged.

Despite of it being an animated epic, it was successful in capturing the humanistic element represented in Conan’s relationship with Lana for their love to each other was stronger than the will of a whole system.

A system represented in Industria, an industrial metropolis with no humanistic touch at all, a place where people are ranked into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and “valueless” citizens and it is all controlled by the evil Lepka/Aaa’lam who wants to re-activate the weapon that once destroyed the earth.

The most memorable part is the window scene at the top of the triangle tower where Lana is held captive while Conan tries to liberate her. We see Conan firmly carrying Lana in his arms and walking on the narrow edges of the tower trying to avoid being captured, however, after being surrounded by heavy machine guns he finds no choice but to jump. All that Lana can do, now, is close her eyes and trust Conan.

Thanks to his strong bone structure only a few tears gushed out of Conan’s eyes and a hilarious expression of pain appeared on his face as his feet touched the pavement, with my bad knees I wouldn’t do that in a million years.

Miyazaki’s brilliant imagination combined with Key’s novel made this Anime come as a prophecy and a visualization of the future if destroyed, especially in the “Dead Zone” under Industria when Dr Lao takes Lana and Conan to show them what humans did to there own civilization with the smart bombs they created.

All I’m hoping for is that someday I will see this Anime made into a film that will fascinate us because the material and themes presented in this Anime would light up the imagination of any talented film maker with his own vision of the future, a future that isn’t only ours to destroy but is for our children.

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