Cinerama: A Walk to Remember

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Cinerama

A Walk to Remember

By Mike Derderian

Were in the midst of November and not a single drop of rain had fallen yet, drops from heaven that would caress the brown cheeks of earth into a blush of greenness are not found. Why is that I wander?

It seems that angels are no longer compassionate with humans for they say that rain drops are the tears of seraphs who watch in grief and pity from above our shoulders, wandering what has become of this earth and the living creatures on it.

Just the other day, I was standing right in the middle of the street all by myself with not a single person in sight. This happened right after the cannon of Iftar has struck announcing the breaking of fasting, leaving me, myself and nature all alone.

You should have seen the image that I saw right at that moment. A sky crowded with clouds, gray clouds whispering to my ears, “find a shelter for I might decide to cry.”

Sadly it didn’t, however, it was an atmosphere fit for two lovers to say goodbye to each other. Just imagine yourself standing in a bus station saying adieu to the person you love, who in turn is gazing into your eyes with his or her own tearful ones beseeching you not go.

A final walk that what’s left for the couple before the ominous clock strikes announcing that it is time to leave and as you take a one final glance at that person before going onboard, you pray to God that this won’t be your last.

Am I too romantic? Well, thanks to my teenage annoying brother I was offered a chance to have a look on a romantic teen film.

This 2002 love story directed by Adam Shankman is entitled “A Walk to Remember,” starring Shane west, Mandy Moore, Peter Coyote, Al Thompson, Lauren German and Darryl Hannah.

At first I thought it was just a cocktail mix of two films together, one is “Grease,” starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, while the other is the undying “Love Story,” of Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw.

However, it turned out to be a heart touching story with a flavor of it’s own attributed to both Shane West, whom we all have seen in the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, and Singer turned actress Mandy Moore, who had a hit single called “In My Pocket.”

It is about Landon Carter (West), a reckless teenager who cares about nothing except having fun with his cool friends Eric, Dean, Belinda and Tracie.

All together they form what we all can call the “coolest” kids at school—a title which unfortunately gives them the right to ridicule anyone who doesn’t meet with their cool standards.

Such as Jamie Sullivan (Moore), the not so cool Reverends daughter because she wears the same sweater all the time, which shows us how much the world is full of people who judge individuals according to their attire.

Even Landon looks down on Jamie, the girl with the tender smile, a cute pony tail and a beautiful soul, which brings in the following question, how will these two different personalities collide with each other?

I mean Landon is is a reckless person while Jamie is a compassionate and a tender human being, who has quite a strong faith unlike him, how will they meet?

Well here’s your answer. After being caught by the police for trespassing and nearly killing a fellow student by a prank, Landon is obligated to tutor students at the weekends and participate in the school play where he will meet Jamie, not a very friendly encounter as you will see.

Proving himself a lousy actor he asks Jamie for help in rehearsing his lines and preparing for the play, amused by his approach she makes fun of him by saying “I’ll pray for you.”

Nevertheless, she agrees and tells him, “on one condition Carter, you have to promise me you won’t fall in love with me.” Quite a nerve for a girl to tell such a thing for a boy, who answered back by saying, “that won’t be a problem” or so he thinks.

Will he keep his promise or will he break it and is his giving her a pink sweater and asking her for a date, a sign that he is falling for her, or is he just using her, what do you think my dear reader is the answer.

With not a very known cast with the exception of Darryl Hannah, and Peter Coyote who both played roles of parents, this film is quite good for it offers a compassionate look filled with faith, the faith in God and his mysterious ways not to mention the power of love.

One of the best quotes in this film is about love read to you by Landon while sitting next to his lovely ill Jamie, “love is always patient and kind, it is never jealous. Love is never boastful nor conceited it is never rude or selfish. It does not take offence and it is not resentful.”

So with this quote I leave you to your own thoughts of life reminding you that life is a long lane that we have to walk and during this long walk you will always be reminded of the things that you’ve passed by.

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